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Doing Good in Brownwood

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Canidae is doing good in Brownwood. We’re growing, we’re hiring and we’re helping the people who join us to build their skills and progress their careers. We’re good for Brownwood and Brownwood is good for us.

Join us, and we’ll be good for you too.

Who Are We Looking For?

Enthusiastic team players who want to develop their skills.
With great benefits and progression, you’ll be proud to work for Canidae.

Packing Operators
Extruder Helpers
Forklift Operators
Maintenance Technicians

Benefits and Rewards

We’re proud of our Brownwood team. If you join us, you’ll receive:

“The safety and wellbeing of our people is my number one priority. At Canidae, we lead with safety. When new starters arrive, they receive a safety orientation so they know how to do their job safely from day one. We’ve also invested $10 million in upgrading our equipment with additional sensors and automated safety features. There’s a safety manager on site at all times, who identifies potential hazards and instills a safety-first attitude across the business.” Read more Wally - Chief Operating Officer

“We work with heavy duty machinery, capable of doing serious harm. By going above and beyond, we make sure our people feel safe at work and go home unharmed every day. As well as upgraded machinery and an on-site safety manager, we also hold a 2-minute safety training every shift, pointing out any potential issues, from pallets being left in the wrong place to someone wearing a watch. Constant learning and improving instills a culture of safety across the business, in everything we do.”


“Canidae has a culture of care and commitment to its team members and customers. This culture is reinforced from the top down, starting with the Senior Management team; a group of people who are refreshingly down to earth, approachable, and caring. Not just any company can create a culture that makes me excited to come to work every day! I know at Canidae, I am part of a family!”

“It’s truly inspiring to work for a company who want to do the right thing.” Read more Joshua - Head of Manufacturing

“I get the chance to work with people from across the business, and every day brings a new challenge and a
new learning opportunity. The pace of growth here is really exciting, and the
vision Canidae has, not just for its products, but for its employees too is

“We are all One Team, with great benefits for employees and their families.” Read more Mitzi - Administrative Assistant

“What makes working here so rewarding is the people I interact with every day – we’re a real community and everyone supports one another. Canidae has an ambitious company vision and we’re headed in an exciting direction – that means facing new and exciting challenges daily. If you want to be part of a growing company that really cares about its people, this is the place to be.”

“Canidae looks after you. That starts with a 401k match and fantastic health insurance.” Read more Trevor - EH&S Manager

“If you’re ready to learn new skills, work hard and move beyond your comfort zone, there’s a real opportunity to achieve great things and fast-track your career here. I’m incredibly proud of my career progression since joining and I know the work I’m doing is making a real difference and helping Canidae achieve their vision of being the best pet food company out there.”

”I went from temp to full-time to shift-lead in less than a year.” Read more Mercedes - Packaging Manager

“Since starting at Canidae, I’ve learned so much about the process of making pet food and how much attention goes into creating a quality product. Everyone here really cares about pets and their owners – I’m proud to be part of that. Plus, as a smaller company, there’s a family feel here. You get to know everyone, including the leadership

“We are a smaller company, so things seem more personal.” Read more Vern - Production Manager

“Canidae is a fascinating place to work. I love connecting with talented people and helping them see what makes a career here so great. The benefits are fantastic too – $25k life insurance, a 401k match up to 4% and great health insurance at a low monthly premium.”

“I’m excited about being part of Canidae’s growth.” Read more Donna - HR Manager

Doing good in Brownwood

From the first truckload of food we delivered to the latest batch cooked in our Pet Nutrition plant here in Brownwood, Texas, our story is one we’re proud of. Canidae was founded 25 years ago by two pet owners who knew they could make pet food better for pets and pet parents.

We’ve been upholding that quality in Brownwood since 2012 and we’re proud that our premium kibble is produced here in the great state of Texas. Our commitment to goodness inspires everything we do, from the land we harvest and the farmers we work with, to the people we employ and the local businesses we partner with.

Here are a few of the ways we’re giving back to our local community.

Trunk or Treat

As a member of the Chamber of Commerce, we participate in a number of local events like Trunk Or Treat.

Little League

We sponsor a Little League park in Early Texas, helping local children access sport and community activities.

Brownwood Rodeo

We’ve sponsored this important community event for the past three years.

Dog Park

As dog lovers, we’re thrilled to be in talks to sponsor a local dog park, giving our four-legged friends a safe place to play.

San Antonio Food Bank

We donated over half a million pounds of pet food to the San Antonio food bank in 2020, providing much-needed support for pets and their parents.

If you think that Canidae could be good for you and your career…

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